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  1. Parelamaniet - Wikipedia

    De parelamaniet (Amanita rubescens) is een mits gekookt goed eetbare paddenstoel die behoort tot de familie Amanitaceae.Rauw is de paddenstoel giftig door de hittelabiele maag-darm vergiften en het hemolysine.

  2. Blusher - Wikipedia

    European Amanita rubescens is known to contain a hemolytic protein in its raw state; it is unknown whether North American A. rubescens and A. novinupta are similarly toxic when eaten raw. This protein is destroyed by cooking, so it is important to cook this mushroom before eating.

  3. : Parelamaniet - Amanita rubescens

    Beschrijving en afbeeldingen van Amanita rubescens - Parelamaniet. Parelamaniet Beschrijving Hoed bolvormig, dan gewelfd tot vlak, Ø 5-15 cm, glad, rozebruin tot vleeskleurig, met witte tot rozerode plakjes.

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  5. Parelamaniet Amanita rubescens. Enschede - Universiteit Twente (OV) 2005-08-21 Otto Zijlstra Mobiele applicaties. Gebruik onze mobiele apps om ...

  6. Taxonomie/morfologie: Groep: Gemengde morfologische en taxonomische groepsindeling (Standaardlijst 2013 p. 25-26) Basidiomyceten, agaricoïd (plaatjeszwammen, incl. Russula’s en verwanten) (Bag)

  7. Amanita rubescens, Blusher mushroom - First Nature

    Amanita rubescens is very common and widespread throughout Britain and Ireland as well as in mainland Europe and in North America. (Many authorities believe that Blushers found in the USA are a different species from the European Blusher.)

  8. Amanita rubescens, with beech, Netherlands. cap The cap of Amanita rubescens is 61 - 107 mm wide, brown with the appearance of having radially embedded fibrils, hemispheric at first, then convex to plano-convex to planar, tacky, satiny to shiny, with a nonstriate and nonappendiculate margin.

  9. Amanita rubescens (MushroomExpert.Com)

    Amanita rubescens [ Basidiomycota > Agaricales > Amanitaceae > Amanita. . . by Michael Kuo. This beautiful amanita is widely distributed and common in eastern North America. It can be distinguished by its indistinct stem base (which lacks a prominent, sacklike volva or other distinguishing features); its brassy yellowish to dull brownish cap, which is adorned with warts that are yellow at ...

  10. Amanita rubescens - Wikipedia

    Amanita rubescens (Christian Hendrik Persoon ex Elias Magnus Fries) Samuel Frederick Gray, 1821), denumită în popor cuc (cuci), plopenchi, sau borșgombă, este o specie de ciuperci comestibile din încrengătura Basidiomycota în familia Amanitaceae și de gen Amanita, fiind un simbiont micoriza (coabitează, formând micorize pe rădăcinile arborilor).

  11. Amanita rubescens - Wikipedia

    La tignosa vinata (Amanita rubescens Pers., 1797) è un basidiomicete della famiglia delle Amanitaceae nota anche come tignosa rosseggiante, è un fungo velenoso da crudo, ma commestibile dopo una prolungata cottura.