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  1. Ruwe haai - Wikipedia

    De ruwe haai (Galeorhinus galeus), ook wel Australische haai of steenhaai genoemd, is een haai uit de familie van de gladde haaien. De wetenschappelijke naam van de soort werd als Squalus galeus in 1758 gepubliceerd door Carl Linnaeus.

  2. School shark - Wikipedia

    The school shark (Galeorhinus galeus) is a houndshark of the family Triakidae, and the only member of the genus Galeorhinus.Common names also include tope shark, snapper shark, and soupfin shark.

    • G. galeus
    • Galeorhinus, Blainville, 1816
  3. Ruwe haai (Galeorhinus galeus) | Beschermde natuur in Nederland

    Galeorhinus galeus : soort als bedoeld in artikel 1.2. Staatscourant 1982, 253. artikel 1.2.a: Internationale rode lijsten. IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

  4. Galeorhinus galeus Picture by SeaFIC Classification / Names Common names | Synonyms | Catalog of Fishes ( gen. , sp. ) | ITIS | CoL | WoRMS | Cloffa Elasmobranchii (sharks and rays) > Carcharhiniformes (Ground sharks) > Triakidae (Houndsharks) > Galeorhininae Etymology: Galeorhinus: Greek, galeos = a shark + Greek, rhinos = nose (Ref. 45335 ) .

  5. Galeorhinus galeus – Discover Fishes

    05-04-2018 · Galeorhinus galeus. This abundant, migrating, schooling shark is a strong swimmer that can travel 35 miles in a day and is found from the open sea all the way inshore to the surf zone. It is slender and dusky colored, with large eyes and mouth in a pointed snout, triangular fins, and a strong, asymmetrical tabbed caudal (tail) fin.

  6. Galeorhinus Galeus - Videoresultaten

    • Soupfin Shark (Galeorhinus galeus)
    • School sharks, Galeorhinus galeus, in a Fuerteventura beach (Canary Islands)
    • Aggregation of tope sharks in Gordo Banks (Galeorhinus galeus)
    • School sharks (Galeorhinus galeus) in Santa Catalina Island
  7. Galeorhinus galeus | CMS

    Tope, Galeorhinus galeus, is a medium-sized shark with a widespread distribution mainly occurring demersal in cold to warm temperate coastal areas and on continental and insular shelves of all major oceans.

  8. WoRMS - World Register of Marine Species - Galeorhinus galeus...

    To FishBase (from synonym Galeorhinus zyopterus Jordan & Gilbert, 1883) To GenBank (104 nucleotides; 32 proteins) To Global Biotic Interactions (GloBI) To IUCN Red List (Critically Endangered) To Marine Species Identification Portal To Marine Species Identification Portal To NMNH Extant Collection (Galeorhinus galeus RAD100104-001)

  9. Galeorhinus galeus

    Movement of the New Zealand school shark, Galeorhinus galeus, from tag returns. New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research 33: 29–48. Hutchins, J.B. & Swainston, R. 1986.

  10. Galeorhinus - Wikipedia

    Galeorhinus is een monotypisch geslacht van de familie van gladde haaien en kent slechts één soort.. Taxonomie. Galeorhinus galeus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Australische haai/Ruwe haai)

  11. Galeorhinus galeus (Linnaeus, 1758)

    Galeorhinus cyrano Whitley, 1930 Galeorhinus galeo (Linnaeus, 1758) Galeorhinus vitaminicus de Buen, 1950 Galeorhinus zyopterus Jordan & Gilbert, 1883 Galeus australis Macleay, 1881 Galeus canis Bonaparte, 1834 Galeus chilensis Pérez Canto, 1886 Galeus communis Owen, 1853 Galeus linnei Malm, 1877 Galeus molinae Philippi, 1887 Galeus nilssoni ...